From Disney Darling to…

I cannot believe that I am writing this. Virtually the entire world saw Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV Awards and I actually felt embarrassment for her. Her parents have to be mortified. Is she really that starved for attention? And what was the whole teddy bear thing? It’s almost like she’s stuck between rebellious teenager and adult. I wondered if she was on something or maybe needs some mental health help.
No one should really be surprised to see this kind of behavior, and worse, from this generation and the one’s to follow. We have become a society that is pandering to the least common denominator. That should not be a big surprise, either. Political correctness has insidiously invaded every facet of our lives. Slowly tearing away at the moral fiber that has kept this country strong. everyone, almost exclusively Caucasians, are afraid to speak up and tell the truth for fear of ‘offending’ someone.


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