Crash and Burn…

Unfortunately, the truckers failed in their endeavor to shut down D.C. The Veterans did an admirable job of standing up to the president, government, and the park services. The real crime is that they had to do so to see their own Memorials. These Veterans have done everything their country asked of them, only to be disrespected at the OPEN AIR Memorials in HONOR of their sacrifices!!

Obama, Biden, the House of Representatives, and the Senate need to be FIRED!!! The Federal Reserve, which is sitting on FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS in ASSETS needes to be abolished. ALL states should secede from the Union. There is only one way for real Americans to get the United States out of this mess and that is to fight back. Once and for all, stand up against a corrupt Government. Stand up against the stupidity, the in-fighting, the total lunacy. Fight back against the Department of Homeland Security (JOKE), fight back against the NSA, fight back against the IRS. Obama wanted to step in with Syria, where we have no business interfering. Yet, he lets this country, allegedly HIS country, flounder in the quagmire of political-pussy-footing around.

Hopefully, there will be a fight to finally put this country back on track, if not, we are going to crash and burn. Then it will be each family/ person for themselves. Should it come to that…grab your Bible and your gun.


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