Holder is a Pawn

Attorney General Eric Holder is not worth wasting the time, effort, or the tax payer’s money on trying to Impeach him. He is nothing more than an ignorant pawn in this very deadly game that is being played out in Washington. President Obama is at the center of a political onion. Layer after layer after layer of lies and crimes. Unfortunately, he is not smart enough to realize who is and how he is being manipulated.
The first person that needs to be removed is Valerie Jarrett. She is a major player in this Presidential manipulation. This woman is guilty of treason, at least four counts of murder with extenuating circumstances: by proxy, obstruction of justice, and perjury.

Is there anyone out there that knows what FALSE FLAG ATTACKS are?

The Sandy Hook School Massacre, in Newtown, Conn., the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Massacre at the mall in Kenya are just a few examples. Look it up yourselves. Research these incidences as well as others. It is enough to make your blood run cold when you find out that parts of each of these is nothing more than a set-up. That 20 children and 6 adults were slaughtered by “men in black clothing and masks”. Children who were witnesses stated that there were more than one person shooting. And according to the Coroner, the alleged ‘shooter’ was found dead the day BEFORE the shooting. Dead men don’t kill. Furthermore, at least 3 parents and 1 teacher who were interviewed were later identified as actors.
While you are researching all this, hoping to prove me wrong, research all the ‘glitches’ and ‘identity insecurity’ involved with Obamacare. Guess what, the administration knew about it three years ago. Before Obama was elected the FIRST time, he literally told us what he was going to do. He told us about a ‘single payer’ health care system and a civilian militia that would be as strong as our military that could legally operate on American soil. Both of these examples are on video.
Americans need to go to the library, dust off the history books and read about Germany under Hitler’s control. Everyone is sitting back, thinking “Naw, this sh#t can’t happen here”. It ALREADY IS. Wake up, before you and your family find yourselves in FEMA camps in Michigan.

Homeland Security is the 21st century Nazi Regime in AMERICA.

The people who orchestrating all of this are also the same people who OWN The Federal Reserve (NO, the Fed IS NOT a Government agency, it is privately owned…but that is a story for another day….13 families and 4 subfamilies OWN the Fed). There are more people involved and they are major players.
At this very moment a new “WHITE HOUSE” is being built in the Ozarks. It is the Biggest house in the U.S. 72,000 square feet, above ground. There are another 500,000 square feet in underground tunnels with links to most major cities.
I beg all of you….PROVE ME WRONG!! I do not want to believe any of this any more than you. They have actually already built a guillotine on the premises.

The very first person I would contact: Mike Zullo, MCSOCCP.org
The first places I would start researching, would be:
and finally, http://www.thewhitehouse.gov go to the executive orders and read all of this in President Obama’s own words.


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