Veterans…What a Disgrace

I was originally going to tackle the Benghazi clusterf*%k as my first real post in a while, but the situation with the Veterans took precedence. Detainees in Cuba are being given better medical care than the Veterans. Terrorists are being detained, brought back to the United States, and given the same rights as American citizens. The Veterans did not fight and suffer so our government could give aid and comfort to the enemy. Last time I checked, that was Treason. To add insult to injury, the people in charge of the VA and it’s facilities are given BONUSES. NO government agency, whether it is the IRS or the VA or any other, should be given bonuses of any kind. That is begging for corruption.
Our unscrupulous President had the audacity to support Shinseki, head of Veteran’s Affairs. All Federal employees should receive the same care as the Veterans and do so with insurance policies from Obamacare, this includes the President and his family.
I cannot adequately put into words how outraged I am and “…mad as hell…” does not even begin to cover it. My Father spent 27 in the Navy. He receives care from the VA, but luckily for him, he has additional insurance that covers REAL doctors. Every VA facility needs to be investigated thoroughly and if any malfeasance is found, everyone who received bonuses should have to pay them back, with interest. If it is proven that a Veteran lost their life due to negligent care, criminal charges should be filed and prosecuted. Not manslaughter charges either, murder one, obstruction of justice, and any other plausible charges should be filed. The first person facing these charges should be our “Commander-in-Chief”. (And those charges apply ONLY to THIS scandal.)
Families of the Veterans, who died due to neglect, and Veterans who have suffered grievous injuries due to neglect and incompetence should file a class action suit against the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the President, personally as well as officially. If I HAD to be the one who chose the lead attorney, it would be Larry Klayman, from FreedomWatch. Then, he could decide what other competent attorneys, from each of the states, that he wanted to work with. That way, there would be a local person to help the plaintiffs. Veterans and family members, you will never find TRUE justice for this kind of incompetence, but you DO have options. They are not only worthy of pursuing, but also demanded by the fallen, to be pursued.


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