Operation Paperclip: Nazis in America

Operation Paperclip: Nazis in America.


A Village Stripped by Lesbians

I’ve warned you that I am an equal opportunity offender. I am proud of this fact. I do not care who you think you are, if you do something universally offensive, it is my First Amendment Right to call attention to it. This time it is women, again, only this time it is a pair of ‘married’ lesbianazi’s from England. I first read about this story in WND and to say this had my blood boiling would be an understatement.
I do not understand people who think what they do in their bedroom ENTITLES them to run over the rest of the world. You’re gay, hey, more power to you, but do NOT shove it down my throat or anyone else’s. You expect everyone to respect your wishes, allow you to marry each other, have Christians bake your cakes and open their Israeli villages to you. Heaven forbid, someone take offense and refuse. Lawsuit time!!

That baker has every RIGHT to tell you NO! Just like the Israeli Village of Yad Hashmonah had the RIGHT to say NO. But because you belong to the ‘whisker biscuits only’ club you two think you have the RIGHT to trample this little village’s religious freedoms. NO, you don’t. They are exclusively a CHRISTIAN community. They live and die by the Bible. And in the Bible YOU ARE the abomination and I will publicly eat my Bible if you can find a single verse in the King James Version that explicitly says “Homosexuals are beloved in the eyes of GOD.”

I noticed something else in this article, you two lesbianazi’s did not give your names. Are you ashamed of who and what you are? I mean, you did, by a Judge’s orders, bankrupt a God Fearing, Bible-loving community because you think what you do in the bedroom gives you special rights. You are the reason they have lost a large portion of their income from renting out their banquet hall. Did that $20,000 make you two feel better about yourselves. Did those mean-spirited Bible people hurt your little feelings SO badly that you had to sue??!!

The other thing I noticed, was where you went, to a Jewish/Christian country. Why not Palestine? Or maybe Turkey or the city of Dubia? Because you knew number one, you’d both be arrested. Number two, after being found guilty of every sin in the Koran, you both would have been lashed and then stoned to death. Instead of suing this quaint little Christian Village, you should have done the right thing and found somewhere else to renew your ‘vows’. This was not an issue of YOUR GAY RIGHTS. It was about THEIR rights to live in peace and harmony with GOD and do what they thought was pleasing to GOD; these people were born, lived, and died there. See, you two went on your merry little way and went home 20 grand richer. This Village has to try it’s best to just survive. I really hope you are happy with yourselves. You have hurt an entire town because you perceived some kind of malice against you. It was not malice, it was a town trying to live in peace with GOD. The very SAME GOD that is going to cast the two of you into hell, or at least I hope so.

Augusta Pound Refusing to Adopt Out Animals Because of Possibility Adopters Might Not Follow Through with Neuters


In Richmond Co, Georgia, Augusta Animal Services has been killing 70% of its animals for the past two years.  And that tragic kill rate appears to be the result of a hot mess perpetuated by local leaders.

An animal advocate recently told the Augusta Chronicle that Augusta pound director Sharon Broady refuses to work with rescues and charges them full adoption fees.  In addition, with the loss last month of the pound’s part-time vet, animals are apparently being single-tracked to the kill room, with the state spay-neuter law being cited as the reason.  No vet=no neuters=no live releases.

Georgia state law and Richmond County ordinance both require shelters to either neuter pets prior to adoption or have the adopter sign an agreement that the pet will be neutered within 30 days (for adult animals).  It is unclear to me why the Augusta pound is not utilizing the latter option in order to save lives…

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Set Our Marine Free

His name is John Harrington, he is the Founder and President of SHIELD TACTICAL, in Shiner, Texas. This past weekend he decide he had to do something, anything, to help Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He was willing to do it completely on his own, if he had to. He would stand at the border holding a sign “Turn Around for Tahmooressi!”, if nothing else. Fortunately, he was not alone, unfortunately, there was not the kind of turn out he would have liked. So, he has scheduled the REAL RALLY for July 4, 2014. It doesn’t matter whether you are on 2, 3, or 4 wheels, everyone who is a Loyal American is welcome to join the Free the Marine Biker Rally. Oh, for you truckers, 18 wheels are welcome, too. We all know what huge hearts you guys and gals have!
Our POS President can let terrorists out by the dozen, literally, but he cannot bring a (as in ONE) Marine home from Mexico. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is an upstanding Marine who took a wrong turn and honestly admitted to having weapons in his vehicle. His weapons were registered to him and perfectly legal in the US, but not Mexico. He did not want to be in Mexico. Now he is strapped to a wire rack in a filthy Mexican prison.
Mr. John Harrington has an acerbic wit and sense of humor. He has been quoted, “He [obama]doesn’t leave a traitor behind…”, “Just DO something…”, and my personal favorite: “Fight a LIAR with FIRE!”.
Armed, Mexican Military cross the American border almost on a daily basis. Illegal Immigrants, especially children are crossing the border in droves and most have communicable diseases. Obama has moved these kids all over America to closed, military bases. Once these diseases reach the American population, we will have a crisis on our hands. OBAMA WILL FINALLY HAVE A VALID REASON TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW. Think about that…Martial law under obama. That is like a killer disease in and of itself.
Mr. Harrington has said he has already done more than the Government, but like any biker dude and righteous American, he wants to do more for a young, innocent Marine. So, ‘Get your Motor Running’, it’s almost time to FREE A MARINE!! For all the details that are available, go to:

Remember, July 4, 2014, Marine Independence Day! Let’s make Mexico rumble from twenty miles away!!