Boom: Watch Trey Gowdy GO OFF on the IRS Commissioner. He Never Had A Chance…

Boom: Watch Trey Gowdy GO OFF on the IRS Commissioner. He Never Had A Chance….

This guy is awesome! Trey Gowdy knows how the wield the truth like a hammer and you damn for sure do NOT want to be the nail. I’d like to see him on a Presidential ticket or at least as Attorney General.


If Michelle Has It Her Way, Grocery Shopping Could Become A Nightmare…

If Michelle Has It Her Way, Grocery Shopping Could Become A Nightmare….

Last time I checked, first spouses were NOT elected officials and have no power to interfer with our lives. Michelle needs to learn exactly what her place is and stay there. Her place is not in the school lunchrooms. Her place is NOT in my grocery cart. If stores are stupid enough to install these ‘talking carts’ that tells you when you have achieved 100% healthy choices, those carts will be vandalized. And just for my own amusement I would literally, completely fill the cart up with nothing but chips, soft drinks, beer, cookies, ice cream, cakes, donuts, crackers, mayo, ranch dressing, fried pork skins, processed meats, jellies and jams, Crisco, and every other food that is ‘not good for you’. I would keep filling it with these items until it self-destructed. I really despise Michelle, she has over-stepped her boundaries by a large margin. If she were white, the ‘Progressives’ would be apoplectic.

Is This Really The “Most Radical Pro-Abortion Bill Ever Considered By Congress”?

Is This Really The “Most Radical Pro-Abortion Bill Ever Considered By Congress”?.

Call your Senators and Representatives. Do not let pass this bill!! I normally avoid commenting on abortion, but this needs to be shared. It needs to go viral and the phone lines of Washington, DC need to go down because of traffic over THIS bill. If you do not know who Dr. Gosnell is then google him, or better yet, Wikipedia him. They have a link to his trial transcripts with photos you do not want to see, because you will never be able to unsee them.

Bags and bags of babies and parts of babies stuffed in refrigerators and freezers, and piled up in the basement almost to the ceiling. They had been there for weeks. Jars of baby’s feet, just the feet, stacked up on a shelf in a closet. A fully formed male baby in a cardboard box shoved under the exam/operation table. Cat feces everywhere, including in the exam rooms. The exam tables caked in dried blood. He was known for doing late term, illegal abortions. You have cash, then it did not matter how pregnant you were, or how old you were, or where you were from. Women from out of state would frequently search for him and his special services.

Women would show up early, stripped from the waist down, given heavy doses of abortion drugs several times while waiting, and doses of pain medications, anti-emetic drugs, and tranquilizers. These women would sit in the ‘waiting’ room wrapped in a bloody blanket,(they did laundry one a week), in chairs contaminated with blood and cat urine and God only knows what else. Frequently, women would stand up to be ‘checked’ and the babies would FALL OUT. Gosnell would show up sometime that afternoon or evening. The women who had not already aborted were put on a table and the baby’s head sucked out, he would make an incision on the back of their neck and “snip”(Gosnell’s term) the spine, then pull the baby the rest of the way out. Sometimes the babies were still alive moving and crying, so he would bash their head. There was even one incident where a member of the staff PLAYED with the baby, before she killed it. Women were showing up at the local ERs with pieces of baby and placenta still inside of them. What I am telling you is just a tiny part of the horror revealed during this trial. ONE SUCTION TUBE IN THE WHOLE CLINIC, for removing the babies or intubation. THINK ABOUT THAT!!

Complaints from the ERs were made, but did HHS ever do inspections, no. The last one had been in 1993. Gosnell was a public figure. He ‘took care’ of his ‘community’. He was hailed a a wonderful, African American doctor. He opened his Women’s clinic in the worst area, to be convienent to his african american patients. Two of which he murdered.

Do you have a visual and olfactory sense of this clinic and it’s victims. Can you smell the cat feces, blood, and rotting flesh? Can you picture that fully formed baby boy haphazardly thrown into a cardboard box, a small cut on the back of his neck? Can you see the pile of unsealed, red plastic bags in the basement?

CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS BEING ALMOST LEGAL? This bill is too close to THIS reality.

Congressman rips into ‘good monarch’ Obama

Congressman rips into ‘good monarch’ Obama.

Obama deliberately created this immigration fiasco by inviting them here. Dangling the promise of amnesty over their heads. He has turned our border patrol into babysitters. Therefore, it seems only fitting that they all be shipped to the white house. They can camp out in the rose garden, in FEMA tents. HIS kids can be the ones who get lice, scabies, intestinal parasites, and drug resistant TB. Obama, you invited them, you take care of them. Michelle can cook them healthy ‘school’ lunches.

Police Plan 4th of July No Refusal Blood Draw DUI Checkpoints

Police Plan 4th of July No Refusal Blood Draw DUI Checkpoints.

These checkpoints are illegal. And normally I would be at the head of the line to fight them. But this weekend, there is something more important that we ALL need to be doing. Drive safe. Drive sober. And Drive for the border. This is the #FREEOURMARINE bike rally weekend. Everyone should be flying an American flag upside down on their vehicles. This is the universal sign of distress. Our country is in disttress, but more importantly, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is in distress. He has been chained to a metal rack in a nasty Mexican prison for over three months. He has been willing to DIE for YOU. It is your turn to do whatever you can to help him. This bike rally is open to anyone and everyone, 2, 3, 4, or 18 wheels, it doesn’t matter. Details can be found on Facebook, John Harrington/Shield Tactical.
Remember fly your flags upside down as a sign that you are on your way down there or to show solidarity for the one’s who are going down to the border. Make Mexico feel our RUMBLE and our wrath, let them feel our vibrations from 20 miles away.