I have been writing this series for two months and it is a waste of my time and effort because it seems my readers don’t care. You don’t read the articles. Yesterday, I wrote a story about a man with two penises, 6,076 of you have already read it. Of course, your comments complained about our sites that are ‘supposed to be’ Conservative and that this was trash. How many of you read about a single angel? I have the hit stats, would you like to know? Less than 15, combined. We are Conservatives. I am a Conservative Christian. You may say that you are, too. But your actions speak louder than your words. It amazes me, I use a word like ‘damn’ or ‘hell’ or ‘ass’ and you people go ballistic! Accusations questioning my belief in God fly off your keyboards. That is hypocrisy. It is also an unfounded accusation. I call things as I see them and if someone is acting like they are attached to a rectum, well then I say so.

Furthermore, I write articles to inform you. This seems to be the wrong thing as well. I have written trying to warn you that the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is in effect. The U.N. is not going to take everyone’s guns all in one day!! It will be house by house. When they knock on your door, there will be nothing you can do about it but either hand them over or you and your family get slaughtered in your own home. You can argue this point until HELL freezes over, but if YOU actually read the entire document, you will see that the Constitution we all hold dear, is in the end, nothing but a piece of paper. The Second Amendment will not protect you against an automatic weapon shoved up your nose. Many of you have said that nobody is taking anyone’s guns, that I am ‘fear mongering’, really?? Go to New York and go to a regular doctor because you are having insomnia. Within five days, your guns can and will be seized. Insomnia is considered a ‘mental defect’ and in the State of New York, ‘mental defects’ are now a legal reason to seize weapons. They are not going to march down the street in their little blue hats, people. Oh, and your doctor-patient confidentiality?? It went the way of Obamacare, which is being administered by the IRS. Your privacy is a fart in the wind my friends.

When I first started writing, my main goal was to attempt to wake up the American people to what is really going on. Things that they may not have been aware of. But Heaven forbid it be in defense of Israel!! The Bible says Israel are God’s chosen people. That is plenty enough reason for me to defend them to the end. Turkey is going to attack Israel, I wrote trying to warn you. When, well they were not specific on that point, but take note, it will happen, look up Gog and Magog in the Bible. Once that happens it is going to be a Muslim free-for-all across the world. If you have actually made it to this point in this article, congratulations, you have an attention span longer than the average fifth grader. Which, by the way, writers are taught to not write more than 500 words and do not write at a reading level higher than the average fifth grader, because the average American cannot read above that level.

My second goal in writing was to uplift my readers. I cannot uplift anyone if they do read the uplifting articles. You do not want to read ‘feel-good’ stories. You do not want to read about a Jewish woman who sings old-time Christian hymns to a woman with Alzheimer’s and for a brief moment in time REACHES that woman. Or the woman who had a cancerous tumor, was going to have surgery to remove it and they were doing the last scan. They found out she was 7 weeks pregnant and that the pregnancy hormones destroyed her cancerous tumor, her baby saved her life. But you do not want to read that. Now, a guy with two penises, you’re asking me for PICTURES!!??!! And have the audacity to attack me as not being a Christian because I used the word “hell”??

I have no idea how to reach you people. Please, will someone tell me, what is it that you want?? What is it that you really want to read?? If it’s tabloid, fine I can write it. If it’s guns, I can write about those, too. But you need to really examine what it is you expect out of me and all other Conservative writers. I write because it makes me happy, it is the only God-given gift I have, and I have tried to use it to help you. To inform you. To bring some honest goodness into your lives. To stand my ground and declare that this is MY Country. MY Country was founded on GOD not Allah. MY Country is being attacked from within and this is my only was of fighting back. My only way of inciting others to stand up and do something…anything to restore MY country back to what it was. MY country is imploding because nobody cares. They didn’t see it on TV so it’s not really happening. It wasn’t reported on the National News, so it’s just conspiracy theories. The National News panders to the least common denominator. The TV has made mind-numbed idiots out of those who watch it. MY country is suffering from a very deadly disease, that thus far, there seems to be no cure for, it’s called APATHY.



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