Congressman rips into ‘good monarch’ Obama

Congressman rips into ‘good monarch’ Obama.

Obama deliberately created this immigration fiasco by inviting them here. Dangling the promise of amnesty over their heads. He has turned our border patrol into babysitters. Therefore, it seems only fitting that they all be shipped to the white house. They can camp out in the rose garden, in FEMA tents. HIS kids can be the ones who get lice, scabies, intestinal parasites, and drug resistant TB. Obama, you invited them, you take care of them. Michelle can cook them healthy ‘school’ lunches.


A Village Stripped by Lesbians

I’ve warned you that I am an equal opportunity offender. I am proud of this fact. I do not care who you think you are, if you do something universally offensive, it is my First Amendment Right to call attention to it. This time it is women, again, only this time it is a pair of ‘married’ lesbianazi’s from England. I first read about this story in WND and to say this had my blood boiling would be an understatement.
I do not understand people who think what they do in their bedroom ENTITLES them to run over the rest of the world. You’re gay, hey, more power to you, but do NOT shove it down my throat or anyone else’s. You expect everyone to respect your wishes, allow you to marry each other, have Christians bake your cakes and open their Israeli villages to you. Heaven forbid, someone take offense and refuse. Lawsuit time!!

That baker has every RIGHT to tell you NO! Just like the Israeli Village of Yad Hashmonah had the RIGHT to say NO. But because you belong to the ‘whisker biscuits only’ club you two think you have the RIGHT to trample this little village’s religious freedoms. NO, you don’t. They are exclusively a CHRISTIAN community. They live and die by the Bible. And in the Bible YOU ARE the abomination and I will publicly eat my Bible if you can find a single verse in the King James Version that explicitly says “Homosexuals are beloved in the eyes of GOD.”

I noticed something else in this article, you two lesbianazi’s did not give your names. Are you ashamed of who and what you are? I mean, you did, by a Judge’s orders, bankrupt a God Fearing, Bible-loving community because you think what you do in the bedroom gives you special rights. You are the reason they have lost a large portion of their income from renting out their banquet hall. Did that $20,000 make you two feel better about yourselves. Did those mean-spirited Bible people hurt your little feelings SO badly that you had to sue??!!

The other thing I noticed, was where you went, to a Jewish/Christian country. Why not Palestine? Or maybe Turkey or the city of Dubia? Because you knew number one, you’d both be arrested. Number two, after being found guilty of every sin in the Koran, you both would have been lashed and then stoned to death. Instead of suing this quaint little Christian Village, you should have done the right thing and found somewhere else to renew your ‘vows’. This was not an issue of YOUR GAY RIGHTS. It was about THEIR rights to live in peace and harmony with GOD and do what they thought was pleasing to GOD; these people were born, lived, and died there. See, you two went on your merry little way and went home 20 grand richer. This Village has to try it’s best to just survive. I really hope you are happy with yourselves. You have hurt an entire town because you perceived some kind of malice against you. It was not malice, it was a town trying to live in peace with GOD. The very SAME GOD that is going to cast the two of you into hell, or at least I hope so.

Set Our Marine Free

His name is John Harrington, he is the Founder and President of SHIELD TACTICAL, in Shiner, Texas. This past weekend he decide he had to do something, anything, to help Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He was willing to do it completely on his own, if he had to. He would stand at the border holding a sign “Turn Around for Tahmooressi!”, if nothing else. Fortunately, he was not alone, unfortunately, there was not the kind of turn out he would have liked. So, he has scheduled the REAL RALLY for July 4, 2014. It doesn’t matter whether you are on 2, 3, or 4 wheels, everyone who is a Loyal American is welcome to join the Free the Marine Biker Rally. Oh, for you truckers, 18 wheels are welcome, too. We all know what huge hearts you guys and gals have!
Our POS President can let terrorists out by the dozen, literally, but he cannot bring a (as in ONE) Marine home from Mexico. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is an upstanding Marine who took a wrong turn and honestly admitted to having weapons in his vehicle. His weapons were registered to him and perfectly legal in the US, but not Mexico. He did not want to be in Mexico. Now he is strapped to a wire rack in a filthy Mexican prison.
Mr. John Harrington has an acerbic wit and sense of humor. He has been quoted, “He [obama]doesn’t leave a traitor behind…”, “Just DO something…”, and my personal favorite: “Fight a LIAR with FIRE!”.
Armed, Mexican Military cross the American border almost on a daily basis. Illegal Immigrants, especially children are crossing the border in droves and most have communicable diseases. Obama has moved these kids all over America to closed, military bases. Once these diseases reach the American population, we will have a crisis on our hands. OBAMA WILL FINALLY HAVE A VALID REASON TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW. Think about that…Martial law under obama. That is like a killer disease in and of itself.
Mr. Harrington has said he has already done more than the Government, but like any biker dude and righteous American, he wants to do more for a young, innocent Marine. So, ‘Get your Motor Running’, it’s almost time to FREE A MARINE!! For all the details that are available, go to:
Remember, July 4, 2014, Marine Independence Day! Let’s make Mexico rumble from twenty miles away!!

“ISMs and ISTs” and They are All Wrong

I am a white, single, heterosexual, conservative, Christian woman with no children, nor do I want them. I resent anyone, especially other women and politicians in general, deciding what is or is not appropriate for me. Here are my views and I do not care who I offend. In fact, I consider myself to be an “equal opportunity offender” and I am proud of it.
***********END OF DISCLAIMER**********

Feminism and feminists are a big part of what is wrong in American society today. Men and women are different. We have always been different and will always be different. This seems like stating the obvious, but unfortunately, feminists abhor this concept. They have tried to exploit these differences as a negative influence on society. They are wrong. This bears repeating: THEY ARE WRONG. Anyone, regardless of race, sexual preference, disability, or sex can be whatever they choose to be; they just have to be willing to work for it. And work hard, with the gifts that God has given them.

Yes, there are ‘glass ceilings’ and plenty of other “ISMs” and “ISTs” in our society. The government and especially blacks, gays, and women in government, cannot regulate this fact away. You deal with it. Feminists have been ruining the world for other women for generations. Prohibition is a good place to start. The push for the ban on alcohol began in the 1800’s as a feminist movement to keep their husbands at home and not out carousing the brothels. Wine and women and wives do not mix well. To give these women the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was a good idea, in theory. However, in reality, it gave us Organized Crime and NASCAR.

Some women resented the rights and freedoms that men had in America. So, before, during, and after prohibition it was the right to vote that women pursued aggressively. ‘Women’s Suffrage’. initially, women’s right to vote lead to a nullification of both their vote and their husband’s vote. Politicians seeing this trend, saw dollar signs and women being emotionally driven creatures, were easy to appeal to, and so the pandering to the female voter began and continues to this day.

After achieving the right to vote, women quietly plotted and pushed boundaries further than they ever had been before. The next MAJOR leap for women was the Women’s Liberation Movement which is ongoing, even today. Women wanted to become college educated, work outside the home, and run for political office. These goals are noble pursuits for single women and they should have equal income for equal output. But, once a woman has children, those goals are no longer noble. A woman should be the person raising her children, not a child care center, full of strangers. There have been too many cases of abuse at the hands of these strangers and at the expense of the normal development of the children.

Before and during part of the Women’s Liberation Movement there was a second, specific enterprise. The Sexual Revolution, and it was a revolution, it was an all out assault on normal relationships between men and women. Amidst all of this societal upheaval at the hands of women, we all lost something. The rules had changed. Men were put in the unenviable position of not knowing what were their rights and responsibilities. The point of no return was two-fold. Two events that defined the future of women, marriage, and families. First, the advent of the birth control pill and the second was Roe versus Wade.

Suddenly women had the freedom to have sex with whomever, where ever they wanted without the fear of pregnancy. Women became emboldened, even erroneously thinking they had reached the pinnacle of being equal with men. This was not a positive direction for America; some women took this change to be a ‘permission’ of sorts, to behave like tramps. A proud moment for women everywhere. Then in 1973, Roe versus Wade went before the Supreme Court and the most convoluted piece of adjudged law became the law of the land. Women could legally abort unwanted children. If the pill failed, women had another choice for freedom.

But at what cost? A nation’s innocence.

It is “women’s responsibilities” not rights, that are at issue here. What human being on the face of the earth, really wants to go into combat? Yet, feminists consider this to be a ‘women’s rights’ success. These are the women that are hurting women with their sociopathic ideals of male achievements that they think all women should aspire to. Feminists are politically more damaging to women than any male politicians. Feminists are not representative of all women they are just louder. The destruction of the family can be placed squarely at the feet of feminists. We no longer have husbands, we have ‘baby daddies’. Meals around the dinner table, with real discussions are a thing of the past. Children are not being raised by loving parents, they are simply surviving the best way they can, with little supervision. The parents that are loving, that do know what is going on with their kids are too few.

Some of us, actually miss the times when men were men and that was a trait to be admired. Women in suits and loud exultations of the unfairness toward women have ruined life as we knew it. They took the feminine mystique out of the equation. Some of us liked being treated like we were something special, to be treasured by all men.

The Pandemic of American Apathy

I am disappointed.
I am frustrated. I am paranoid.
I am frightened. I am infuriated. I am outraged.
I loathe, despise, resent, abhor; I HATE.
I am seething with all of these emotions like a hurricane swirling over warm, tropical waters.

On November 4, 2008, a coup took place in America. On January 20, 2009, a coup d’e`tat took place in America. And now we wait, for the coup d’ gras to take place in America.

The final, decisive event. The deathblow to America and democracy as we know it. The self-inflicted implosion of everything moral, honorable, ethical, and honest. All Americans are responsible for the anarchy on the horizon. Either through action or inaction, we have created our own downfall.

This did not happen overnight. It was a slow, evolutionary process. It started virtually before the ink was dry on the Bill of Rights. At first, it was driven by one of the most noble of the seven deadly sins: GREED. Like a lion stalking the lamb. Each footstep bringing the lion closer to reaching his goal, but he has to be careful, one wrong move and it was all for naught. Political tyranny is much the same way. This is one of those arrogant statements I despise, but this is a ‘Big Picture’ scenario. Political parties are not the issue, it does not matter what you name them, they are all the same. More importantly, they are all working towards the same goal. They do, however, disagree on how to reach that goal, which is where the party division comes into play. I have oversimplified the motivations and actions here. This is only the basic idea.

So, where is the average America citizen in all of this? More importantly, how could we let this happen? And the toughest question of all, how do we fix it? If it can be fixed at all.

The average American is in a state of suspended animation. They know down deep that something is very wrong. When they are washing dishes, taking a shower, or sitting quietly on the side of the bed, they can FEEL it, like a dark mist surrounding them. I wonder if the Jews had that same cognizance before Hitler took over. Then real life interrupts and your train of thought is lost.

The average American is focused on their own lives, the last text, tweet, or Facebook post on their phones or tablets. Then there are the kids, the dog, the spouse, and whatever drive-thru, fast food restaurant they are going to go pick up dinner at. They are not really paying attention to what is going on in politics. Why bother, politicians are just a bunch of power-hungry crooks. They will have momentary episodes of justified outrage at the latest scandal, but then shrug it off, what more can you expect. They are not expecting nor are they prepared for what the future may hold.

Americans have to put down the damn phone and take stock in what is really happening in our Country. I am not talking about bickering in the ‘comments’ section after a story or post, either. I am talking about reading, researching, and coming to your own conclusions. Do not rely on The Huffington Post or the New York Times, mainstream media will profit highly from a coup d’ gras. Every tyrant has to have a propaganda machine. Americans need to prioritize what is most important. Americans have to actively get involved in government. Voting and having a turnover in the Senate will help, but it won’t solve the problems. America’s real problem is no one gives a damn. ‘Voting is a hassle and won’t change anything.’ Yes, it is a hassle, but it will effect the outcome. It does not have anything to do with parties, it has everything to do with turnover in the legislative branch.
‘I don’t have time or energy or money to get involved.’ If saving this country isn’t a priority, then do not complain when they come for you and your kids and take you to one of the FEMA camps. It would not be the first time that American citizens were held in concentration camps in America. Prior to the 2008 elections, Obama told us, bluntly everything he was going to do and he has done it. He is not a liar, just a psychopath, with very effective handlers. So, America what are you going to do? Vote back in the same Senator for his tenth term? Not vote at all? Actually believe, ‘that it can’t happen here’? Carry on with your life as if nothing is wrong?
There is a word for that behavior, it is APATHY and that is what defines America today.

Veterans…What a Disgrace

I was originally going to tackle the Benghazi clusterf*%k as my first real post in a while, but the situation with the Veterans took precedence. Detainees in Cuba are being given better medical care than the Veterans. Terrorists are being detained, brought back to the United States, and given the same rights as American citizens. The Veterans did not fight and suffer so our government could give aid and comfort to the enemy. Last time I checked, that was Treason. To add insult to injury, the people in charge of the VA and it’s facilities are given BONUSES. NO government agency, whether it is the IRS or the VA or any other, should be given bonuses of any kind. That is begging for corruption.
Our unscrupulous President had the audacity to support Shinseki, head of Veteran’s Affairs. All Federal employees should receive the same care as the Veterans and do so with insurance policies from Obamacare, this includes the President and his family.
I cannot adequately put into words how outraged I am and “…mad as hell…” does not even begin to cover it. My Father spent 27 in the Navy. He receives care from the VA, but luckily for him, he has additional insurance that covers REAL doctors. Every VA facility needs to be investigated thoroughly and if any malfeasance is found, everyone who received bonuses should have to pay them back, with interest. If it is proven that a Veteran lost their life due to negligent care, criminal charges should be filed and prosecuted. Not manslaughter charges either, murder one, obstruction of justice, and any other plausible charges should be filed. The first person facing these charges should be our “Commander-in-Chief”. (And those charges apply ONLY to THIS scandal.)
Families of the Veterans, who died due to neglect, and Veterans who have suffered grievous injuries due to neglect and incompetence should file a class action suit against the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the President, personally as well as officially. If I HAD to be the one who chose the lead attorney, it would be Larry Klayman, from FreedomWatch. Then, he could decide what other competent attorneys, from each of the states, that he wanted to work with. That way, there would be a local person to help the plaintiffs. Veterans and family members, you will never find TRUE justice for this kind of incompetence, but you DO have options. They are not only worthy of pursuing, but also demanded by the fallen, to be pursued.

Holder is a Pawn

Attorney General Eric Holder is not worth wasting the time, effort, or the tax payer’s money on trying to Impeach him. He is nothing more than an ignorant pawn in this very deadly game that is being played out in Washington. President Obama is at the center of a political onion. Layer after layer after layer of lies and crimes. Unfortunately, he is not smart enough to realize who is and how he is being manipulated.
The first person that needs to be removed is Valerie Jarrett. She is a major player in this Presidential manipulation. This woman is guilty of treason, at least four counts of murder with extenuating circumstances: by proxy, obstruction of justice, and perjury.

Is there anyone out there that knows what FALSE FLAG ATTACKS are?

The Sandy Hook School Massacre, in Newtown, Conn., the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Massacre at the mall in Kenya are just a few examples. Look it up yourselves. Research these incidences as well as others. It is enough to make your blood run cold when you find out that parts of each of these is nothing more than a set-up. That 20 children and 6 adults were slaughtered by “men in black clothing and masks”. Children who were witnesses stated that there were more than one person shooting. And according to the Coroner, the alleged ‘shooter’ was found dead the day BEFORE the shooting. Dead men don’t kill. Furthermore, at least 3 parents and 1 teacher who were interviewed were later identified as actors.
While you are researching all this, hoping to prove me wrong, research all the ‘glitches’ and ‘identity insecurity’ involved with Obamacare. Guess what, the administration knew about it three years ago. Before Obama was elected the FIRST time, he literally told us what he was going to do. He told us about a ‘single payer’ health care system and a civilian militia that would be as strong as our military that could legally operate on American soil. Both of these examples are on video.
Americans need to go to the library, dust off the history books and read about Germany under Hitler’s control. Everyone is sitting back, thinking “Naw, this sh#t can’t happen here”. It ALREADY IS. Wake up, before you and your family find yourselves in FEMA camps in Michigan.

Homeland Security is the 21st century Nazi Regime in AMERICA.

The people who orchestrating all of this are also the same people who OWN The Federal Reserve (NO, the Fed IS NOT a Government agency, it is privately owned…but that is a story for another day….13 families and 4 subfamilies OWN the Fed). There are more people involved and they are major players.
At this very moment a new “WHITE HOUSE” is being built in the Ozarks. It is the Biggest house in the U.S. 72,000 square feet, above ground. There are another 500,000 square feet in underground tunnels with links to most major cities.
I beg all of you….PROVE ME WRONG!! I do not want to believe any of this any more than you. They have actually already built a guillotine on the premises.

The very first person I would contact: Mike Zullo,
The first places I would start researching, would be:
and finally, go to the executive orders and read all of this in President Obama’s own words.